Seminars & Events

7 - 9 September 2022
Utrecht, University Hall

EASP Meeting “The Role of Emotions in Interethnic Relations”

The Role of Emotions in Interethnic Relations

7 September 2022 until 9 September 2022

Organizers: Magdalena Bobowik, Janis Zickfeld, Borja Martinović, and Anouk Smeekes

Despite growing globalization and increased opportunities for interethnic encounters, the segregation and discrimination of ethnic minority communities persists. Emotions, which are inevitably involved in social relationships, might be one important reason for the persisting lack of but also the emergence of social acceptance and empowerment of ethnic minorities.

The proposed meeting aims to connect scholars examining emotion expression and perception in the context of interethnic relations. We therefore invite work from diverse domains of social psychology, including intergroup emotions, emotion expression, acculturation, social identity, collective action, or communication research, among others. The meeting aims to contribute to understanding a) emotions felt toward an ethnic outgroup and their implications; and b) reactions to emotions expressed by an ethnic outgroup. Both may provide valuable insight on how to promote equal treatment of ethnic minority groups and improve interethnic relations.

The conference program will include several social events as well as two invited talks on the role of emotions in the context of interethnic relations by Dr. Jozefien De Leersnyder and Dr. Gijs Bijlstra.

The meeting will take place in the beautiful city of Utrecht (at the University Hall), with easy public transport connections to Amsterdam’s international airport.


The meeting will be located at the University Hall in the city center of Utrecht.

A fee of 150 EUR per participant will apply for EASP members (non-member 200 EUR). Participation will be free for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who are EASP members (non-members 70 EUR). We cover the costs of meals and accommodation for all participants.

If you are interested in participating, submit your abstract via by March 15. We invite papers to be presented in regular paper sessions (15min), flash talk sessions (5min), or poster sessions.