6 December 2021
13:15 - 14:45
Online - see link below

Seminar: Luzia Heu – The cultural paradox of loneliness … and a possible solution

Link to online seminar below

Title: The cultural paradox of loneliness … and a possible solution


Intuitively, members of more collectivistic (or more socially embedded) cultures are often believed to feel less lonely than members of more individualistic (or less socially embedded) cultures. Quantitative comparisons, however, suggest that collectivism does not protect from loneliness. In this talk, I will present qualitative, quantitative and theoretical work (as well as a film project) to resolve this ‘cultural paradox of loneliness’. As a new colleague from the ISW department, I will also briefly talk about ongoing projects (e.g., about the link between deviations from social norms and loneliness).


Bio: Dr. Luzia Heu is assistant professor in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at Utrecht University. She studies loneliness across different cultures, with a specific focus on how social / cultural norms influence experiences of loneliness and risk factors for it. She has also connected her cross-cultural research to a film project about loneliness definitions, causes, and remedies at


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