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7 May 2018

DAMR Spring Event 2018

DAMR Spring Event 2018 took place on May 7, 2018 in Utrecht as part of the EU at the Crossroads of Migration Conference hosted by DAMR, RENFORCE and UGlobe.

The first panel organised by DAMR focused on refugees, migrants and their integration at local level.

Prof. dr. Barbara Oomen presented her new research investigating the role of transnational refugee city networks in refugee reception and integration in Europe while Dr. Salvo Nicolosi discussed the temporary protection in EU Asylum Law. Zooming in from the EU perspective to the Dutch context, Dr. Karin Geuijen, Dr. Caroline Oliver and Dr. Rianne Dekker discussed the potential effects of local innovations to overcome the challenges of asylum seeker reception, with a particular investigation of the Utrecht case.

Dr. Djamila Schans and Dr.Mieke Maliepaard provided an historical overview of the long term integration of refugees and reflected on the current challenges the Netherlands may face. Prof. dr. Frank van Tubergen focused on the labour market integration of refugees in the Netherlands and emphasised the detrimental effects spending long periods of time in asylum centers may have on refugees. Finally, Dr. Floris Peters discussed immigrant naturalisation and labour market integration in the Netherlands and highlighted how crucial it is to provide legal rights to the most disadvantaged immigrant populations, like the refugees, to support their economic and social integration.