Monthly Archives: January 2016

Seminar: Martijn de Koning – Universiteit van Amsterdam

‘For the sake of the children’ – Styles of advocacy among Dutch Muslims at the nexus of racialization and secularism after 1989 > Since 1989 the culture and religion of immigrants and their offspring from Muslim majority countries have been increasingly problematized in debates and policies regarding integration and (after 9/11) counter-radicalization. At the same…

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Seminar: Daniel McFarland – Stanford University

Scholar-Knowledge Migration > For several decades US research universities have called for diminished intellectual balkanization and increased knowledge sharing across fields. With such sharing comes the hope for increased innovation, but also a growing concern about colonization due to hierarchal qualities of scientific knowledge production. To assess how interdisciplinary knowledge sharing has occurred, we look…

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Seminar: Lars Leszczensky – University of Mannheim

Religiosity and Friendship Choices of Christian, Muslim, and Non-Religious Adolescents in Germany Abstract In contemporary Western Europe, both scholars and the broader public fiercely debate the consequences of a rising share of Muslim population for societal coexistence. Yet we know surprisingly little about how religion and religiosity shape intergroup friendships. Focusing on adolescents’ friendship networks,…

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